High Power Super Bright LED Navigation Lighting System for Remote Controlled Model Aircraft, Helicopter, Boat or Multicopter.

Realistic navigation lights provide incredible look to your remote controlled Airplane, Helicopter or Boat.
  • Strobes are double flashing like on real vehicles.
  • Beacon is glowing, making great effect similar to rotating beacon.
  • Possible to control beacon and main lights individually through optically isolated inputs, it is very useful to control main lights by the main switch on vehicle and control the beacon by engine switch (gas or jet engine).

All leds are 1 watt super bright, they are pre-soldered which fits to most installations, though they are not insulated and can be re-soldered any other way required by hobbyist.
Technical Details
Input Voltage: 7-24 volt (2-6S LIPO)
Weight: 40g (board is 16g, leds + 4x 50cm wires are 24g)
Board size: 60x43mm
Wires: 50cm pre-soldered wires are included with standard Futaba plugs.
Strobe: 3pcs, 1 watt, 6000-6500K super bright.
Beacon: 1pc, 1 watt, Red super bright.
Steady: 2pc, 1watt, Red and Green super bright.
Model size: From Parkfly to 200CC
Inputs: Control inputs are optically isolated, for safe integration with radio receiver and ignition(gas engines).
Configuration: Beacon and main navigation can be switched between "always on" and "optical switch" modes by jumpers.


Download Manual

This is one of possible LED displacement. Steady lights should be red on left side and green on right side – so vehicle approaching from the right will see green light and another will see red light.

R/C Navigation lights displacement

Can be integrated into existing “Main” and “Engine” switches on the vehicle. Inputs are optically isolated, so can be safely connected parallel to your “Main” and “Ignition” switch circuits. While 4-12v power inputs “main” connector strobes and steady lights are enabled, respectively while 4-12v power inputs “engine” connector the beacon is enabled. On big vehicles glowing/rotating red beacon indicates that engine is switched on similar effect can be reached on your model. Many pilots keep steady lights and strobes engaged during the whole flight even at good visibility conditions – integrating “main” connector with your “Main” switch will keep those lights enabled during all your flight providing outstanding look and also information to you that “Main” switch is on.

R/C Navigation lights pinout.

Super Bright Leds

Leds are 1 watt, visible even under bright sunlight.

Integrate with existing switches

Can be controlled by Main and Engine switches.

Easy to install

Leds are pre soldered which fits to most installations.