High Power Super Bright LED Navigation Lighting System for Remote Controlled Model Aircraft, Helicopter, Boat or Multicopter Revision B

Realistic navigation lights provide incredible look to your remote controlled Airplane, Helicopter or Boat.
  • Can be controlled from RC Transmitter or on-board switches.
  • Strobes are double flashing like on real vehicles.
  • Beacon is glowing, making great effect similar to rotating beacon.

All leds are 1 watt super bright, they are pre-soldered which fits to most installations, though they  can be re-soldered any other way required by hobbyist.
Technical Details
Input Voltage: 7-24 volt (2-6S LIPO)
Weight: 59g (board:15g + LEDs and wires 44g).
Board size: 50.4x32.5mm.
Wires: 5 x 50cm(Steady & Beacon), 3 x 10cm(Strobes), 1 x 20cm
Strobe: 3pcs, 1 watt, 6000-6500K super bright.
Beacon: 2pcs, 1 watt, Red super bright.
Steady: 3pcs, 1watt, Red, Green, White super bright.
Model size: From Parkfly to 200CC
Inputs: Control inputs are optically isolated, for safe integration with either RC Transmitter/Receiver or on-board switches.
Configuration: Glowing Beacons and Steady/Strobe lights can be configured between "always on" and "controlled by switch" modes by jumpers.


Download Manual

This is one of possible LED displacement. Steady lights should be red on left side and green on right side – so vehicle approaching from the right will see green light and another will see red light. Additionally White steady should stay at rear.

Glowing Beacons connect directly to the board to pins marked “beacon”. Strobes connect to Steady LEDs and Steady LEDs connect to the board at pins “wing” and “tail”. Steady + Strobe lights and Glowing Beacon lights can operate either in “always on” mode (run once board is powered) or can be controlled by external switch/RC Transmitter. Two jumpers define operational mode.

In below example: Steady + Strobe lights are controlled by TX channel 4. Glowing Beacons are controlled by TX channel 6. Digital inputs are optically isolated ensuring safe integration with external equipment. Both jumpers are in “UP” position meaning that both Steady + Strobe lights and Glowing Beacons are controlled by external switch or transmitter. Steady + Strobe lights are controlled by switch sw1. Glowing Beacons are controlled by switch sw2.

Disclaimer: This manual and the product itself are made with good faith. We remind you that RC vehicle is not a toy and potentially can lead to damage
and injury, all precautions should be taken carefully. Our product intends to bring great look to your RC vehicle. However wrong usage can potentially
damage your vehicle so it's at your own risk. XcomLabs LLC will not be liable for any losses and/or damages in connection with usage of our product.

Super Bright Leds

Leds are 1 watt, visible even under bright sunlight.

Integrate with existing switches

Can be controlled by Main and Engine switches.

Integrate with Receiver

Control from your transmitter

Easy to install

Leds are pre soldered which fits to most installations.